Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Take A Breath

I'm writing this blog because I want to tell my story to people. You may not know alot about disability and the ability within the people who live with them. I hope to change that.

My name is Chaeli Mycroft, I am fifteen and living with cerebral palsy. I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when I was eleven months old. I also have a degenerative neuropathy that the doctors discovered when I was 6. This is my medical condition. I do not live my life according to this diagnosis.

I may be in a wheelchair, but I live a somewhat normal, pretty hectic, stressfull at times, amazing life!

With this blog I want to show you that disabled people live life and function just as 'normal' people do, argue with siblings just as 'normal' people do and have bad days just as 'normal people do.

I hope by reading this you will discover things in yourself that you never knew you were capable of. I hope you will learn to just take a breath...and listen to what people have in their hearts instead of seeing the things that they cannot change.

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