Saturday, October 13, 2012

Paris, here we come

I'm really excited to write this post!

I was asked a while ago to be a keynote speaker at the UNESCO/IIEP Conference in Paris. It's all about education and involving the youth in strategising to improve education globally.

I have my speech sorted....although it did take longer than expected. Here's the situation: I finished my speech and everything was cool and then I discovered that my computer decided that it's not important to save anymore, even though I totally clicked save and proceeded to eat my speech. So, after much stress and hysteria, my speech is done. Whew!

We are leaving just after 8 tonight and will arrive early tomorrow morning. Quick stopover in London (most stressful and expensive visa for a 7 hour stay we've ever had, by the way) and then PARIS!

Exciting times lie ahead. I'm positive that Erin and I will have plenty of stories of a lifetime to share when we get back.

Pictures and updates will follow.
See you on the other side.


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