Sunday, June 27, 2010

How can someone pinch the marmalade?

We are all now safely back home. It was a very interesting four days at the festival.

As always, there was drama. There is always going to be drama when you go away with more than one person. We were a group of thirty eight. So, you can imagine the drama.

We performed for two days with two shows per day. Our first show was not so good. We had a little bit of backstage tension. But every production has one bad show. That was our's. The rest were awesome.

Our last performance was a charity show at the correctional services. We were a bit tense about it. We were nervous because we had never been in an environment like that. We did our show outside in the exercise quad. It was our best performance.

We went to Sundowners. This is where shows have the opportunity to give the people a preview. Each show has six minutes to persuade the crowd. We had a good six minutes. We stayed to watch a few other previews - some were quite strange.

Everyone stayed in the university residences that were turned into hotels. Each res/hotel has a few wardens who are there to help the guests. We were friends with all of them.

Some funny things happened in those four days. At breakfast on the first day there was no marmalade. The people swore that they had put it out before the guests arrived. hmmm...

We had to rearrange our room a little bit so I could get in easier. The first time, though, we had to take my footrests off my wheelchair to get around the door and the bed. We then had a rehearsal, so off we went. without the footrests. Now, Jesse usually uses it as well. That day was no different. He quickly realised the error of his ways when he nearly landed on his face.

Jed, a cast member, slipped in the bathroom and dislocated his shoulder. He was rushed to hospital so they could relocate it.

I have decided to become a Grahamstown Festival regular. You will see me there until it is no more.

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