Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tattoo time

It was my sixteenth birthday last Monday (30th August). My birthday present from my parents was a tattoo.

I have been thinking about what tattoo I would get - if I ever got one - and I decided that I would get the chinese symbol for resilience. I thought it would be a good one considering the things I have had to overcome in my life.

On Monday morning, I was woken by the singing of 'happy birthday to you'. Now, you must know that for two weeks before my birthday, people were being very sneaky and told me my birthday present was awesome. When I was given a box filled with underwear...I was a little disappointed. Then, they gave me a card that said I had a voucher for one tattoo at MOB Inc. I didn't believe them at first.

I had an appointment for today at 2. Being true to family tradition, we were late. I was stressing.

I was a little nervous but more excited about getting my tattoo. Daniel, the tattoo artist, was still busy working on his previous client. I was fine, nerve wise, until I heard the noise of the needles.

My sister had to hold me in my wheelchair. To stop spasms from changing the wanted outcome.

Daniel was amazing. I was stressed - I think you can understand why. He was so chilled and made the whole experience a lot more enjoyable than I was expecting.


  1. So let's see a picture of your ink! :)

  2. I agree with Enigmeg but I also think that you are amazing to go ithrough with it Chaelz (I know that I could not do this sort of thing without freaking out).