Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Things happening

This is a bit delayed but it is completely blog worthy, so here we go...

Every year the Chaeli Campaign has people riding in the Argus Cycle Tour to raise funds for the work we do through the campaign. For the more daring - and somewhat insane - people, we have the 'Double and Again'. It's exactly what it sounds like. The Argus Cycle Tour. Three times.

This year we only had 5 people crazy enough to do it. There is a tradition of not training for this that makes it all the more entertaining.

One of these people is Craig Sieben. Craig did his first Double and Again this year and was the only rider to make it up the final hill at Zewenwacht. He had a six year old mountain bike. Everybody else had road bikes.

Craig is leaving in 73 days, on a Walk4Wheels up Africa, in aid of The Chaeli Campaign as well as raising awareness of the abilities of disabled people. To find out more visit his blog at http://walk4wheels.tumblr.com/

But Craig knows some incredible people and has put me in contact with them - John McInroy (founder of the RedSockFriday Initiative), Sonja Kruse (travelled around South Africa experiencing the Ubuntu of fellow South Africans), Tithiya Sharma (travelling around the world finding '100 Heroes') and Adin van Ryneveld (living without spending any money).

These people, along with Craig, have shown me that there is a lot to be excited about in life and in others. It's awesome to see that there are still people that believe this.

We had an crazy-hectic day at Chaeli Cottage one Friday. We made headbands at the weekly craft workshop (Craig is quite a skilled headband creator).

It was hysterical...

There may be some pretty rad things to come. One thing I will tell you is that there are mountains involved, but I'll tell you more about them when things are a little more concrete.

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