Saturday, September 24, 2011

Holidays. Oh yes!

New school. New friends. New world.

Things have been ridiculously hectic the last four weeks. I eventually, after about three weeks, figured out the layout of my new school. Quite entertaining getting lost though. Most of the time.

I've never worked so hard at school in my entire life. I've never seen so much history work ever before. At Reddam we work properly.

The school needed to be a little more accessible than it was when I arrived. Ben (superman of Reddam) was making a plan. He was the only person who was understanding what was going on with the ramp-building process. We were all clueless. Tuesday this week the ramp was done. Then it made sense. Before that happened, the boys were really helpful in getting me up the stairs, especially in the rain (every Friday). The ramp is amazing and everyone is super excited about it - particularly the boys who don't have to lift me anymore. Thank you Ben!

We now have three days of job shadow to do for Life Orientation - I'm doing mine at The Chaeli Campaign *gasp*

After that we are on holiday! I'm excited. Holidays are only 10 days or something. It's still good though. A good break. Let's go.

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