Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thinking inside the box

The funniest thing happened.

It started off being pretty average. We'd just come back from Erin's matric prize giving at Kelvin Grove - the same night as the South Africa vs Australia cricket at Newlands. Chaos insues. All the roads to get to Kelvin Grove were closed (they had cars and dogs and everything) so we had to go all the way around. Eventually we got in, after an hour. But when we got there we had our own parking with our names on it. Felt very gangster, I won't lie. Haha.

In terms of our family, that was a pretty average start to an evening. Then it got interesting.

So, we had Erin's thing. then we had to get out of kelvin grove again. see, i told you, interesting. By the time we got out of traffic, we were starving. We argued a while about where to go, and which places would still be open. We decided that Spur would be a good bet. So, we missioned off to spur and turned out it wasnt such a good bet. We ended up going to McDonalds.

Now comes the funny part of our evening. Just like the comedy minute on 5fm. Just a little longer. We got to the drive-thru line and were wondering why there were so many cars taking so long. We figured it out. When we got to the order-box the penny dropped. Or maybe it didn't.

I don't understand the point of those boxes. i really don't. The only thing that comes of them is frustration. Sometimes laughter. A lot of laughter.

My dad was driving. So, naturally he had to order the food. Everything was fine until the woman inside the box got our order wrong. They should really try to get more capable people working in those boxes.

I'll paint the picture for you. My dad orders our food and the woman gets it wrong (we say it's ok because she can't hear us, bringing up again the question of the efficacy of the boxes). The order changed drastically from a meal costing R178 to costing R87. Clearly there was a bit of a problem. Dad was literally hanging out of the window speaking to a box. What made it funny though, was the fact that throughout the whole experience, the woman's only rebuttel was "two creme sodas?"

Everytime she said "two creme sodas?", we were dying of laughter in the back seat. It took 20 minutes to get passed the first hurdle of a McDonalds Drive-thru. We got our food and guess what....we didn't really get what we ordered. Although we did get a free Coke.

The way I see it, we have a story that will last forever and we laughed ourselves off a few calories before we ate. Leaving us just as thin as before.

Always a bright side.

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