Monday, April 30, 2012

Chicago vibes...interesting times

I better tell you guys some of the awesome things that went along with the wheelchair drama. Otherwise, I wouldn't be a very good blogger.

We only had the Sunday before the start of the summit to do our own thing so we decided that we would go to the baseball - if you're in America, you have to do something American, right? The game was Chicago Cubs vs Cincinnati Reds.

I have never been so co cold in my life. We were totally underdressed for the mom was wearing sandals. Bad idea. Our solution was to buy almost every warm piece of merchandise we could find at the ballpark. We got a hat, a jacket for me and a blanket for mom. We were pretty kitted out, I won't lie.

The atmosphere was awesome! The crowd, the people who walk up and down the stands selling things, shouting, the players, the music, everything made the experience that much more of an experience. The Cubs lost, but it didn't really matter to us - we were there to say we had been there.

I even got two of the players to sign my first-timer certificate. So cool!

Then the summit started and it was a whole other level of cool. I took a book with me to get all the cool people that were there could sign it and write a message that I could show my friends that I actually did meet them.

I'm going to do a little namedropping now...

Bill Clinton; Mikhail Gorbachev; Lech Walesa; FW De Klerk; Alfre Woodard; Laura Innes; Trevor Donovan; ANNIE LIEBOVITZ; SEAN PENN! I'm stopping now because I'm starting to freak out all over again.

I also got the opportunity to meet and socialise with the youth delegation of the summit. This was awesome because I was able to interact with like-minded people, which was really cool. I now have a network of awesome young people all over the world. We are already discussing our plans for world domination. It will be legendary!

This summit was the most incredible experience I've ever had. Meeting all these people, especially the young people was amazing and I would jump at the inkling of a chance of doing it again.

One Time.


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