Wednesday, July 10, 2013


My vacation is basically at its end :( but I guess I need to appreciate that I have had a six week holiday. Not much to complain about, I rate. People say that university students are always on holiday, but I think those people have forgotten how much work we do when we are actually at university.

My holiday started early because I wrote my last exam early (yay me), so that was awesome! The problem with that, though, is that you have longer to wait to get your results than most people. Not the greatest situation, but hey. Half-way through the vac we received our results...I passed.

There were moments where I was doubtful. But alas, 4 subjects passed, no stress required about making up courses for lost credits. Yay!

So, getting back to the holiday vibes

My holiday started with doing nothing, as all good holidays should, and then something that I have been working on making happen for almost six years happened. My friend, James, who I met at the Wheelchair Dancing World Cup in Holland in 2008, came to see South Africa!! It was amazing to have him with us for two weeks and we had the opportunity to show off our beautiful country. Whoop whoop!

We had also organised to be a back-up vehicle for Elton Davids who is in training to participate in London-Edinburgh-London cycling challenge at the end of July in support of The Chaeli Campaign. Now, we are not being back-up for the trip in the UK (just to clear that up), we were back-up for one of Elton's training rides from Knysna to Cape Town which happened over three days. What a champ! It just so happened that this cycle was scheduled for while James was with us. This meant that James experienced a slightly different view of our country, as opposed to the usual touristy experience. We made so many memories on this trip - many of them are quite random "you had to be there" moments.

After James left I, once again, did minimal energy-consuming activities. I really believe that doing nothing is quite a tiring thing to accomplish in itself. Don't judge - it takes concerted effort to be lazy.

However, my personality is not one where this mindset lasts for long, because I get bored of being lazy and end up being a multi-tasker of note. So, I am pretty ineffective in the laziness department.

 I think that brings us up to last week....

Last week I went to Johannesburg to attend and speak at the SAALED Inclusion Conference. It was the first time I had attended, so it was quite cool to be there. I was co-presenting with my mom and we spoke about our lives and how my disability has made it an interesting journey but that it is a choice to be positive about disability and attitudes.

Now, it's my last week of holiday - I don't think the last week of holiday counts as proper holiday because you are mentally always aware that your holiday is over in a matter of days. But, it's ok because the semester promises to be a good one and many new things are to come. Pretty exciting things, so here's looking forward...


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