Monday, June 3, 2013

A little bit of everything - university life

I realise that I haven't been blogging in a while. Okay, fine, a long while. But things have been insanely busy.

University took over my life a little bit. They always tell you "life is about balance", but hello, where is the guy to tell me when I'm supposed to execute this balance? I don't know but I am figuring it out.

I just finished my first session of university exams...

Quite the intense experience, I must tell you. Especially when all your exams are all scheduled in the span of a week. Quite intense.

Here was my life over the last week:

Friday - Sociology
Monday - Politics
Tuesday - Anthropology
Friday - Philosophy

Let me break this down for you a little bit...putting politics and anthropology on consecutive days is a special form of evil. What makes it more evil is that they weren't even 24 hours apart, they were 16 hours apart - I decided to work this out when I was wondering why I was so tired on Tuesday afternoon. Then, I practiced one of my newly acquired university skills...


I have subsequently decided to stop judging the nap and start embracing it. Embrace the nap, it's a key element to survival at university.

Some other things key to my university existence...
1. Caffeine - either from coffee or Coke depending on availability of cash as well as proximity to a coffee stand or vending machine
2. Meal vouchers - as a res student, you get meal vouchers when you're on campus for lunch. These are little pieces of paper valued at R22,60 of pure winning
3.  Highlighters/tags - do not attempt a humanities degree without purchasing extreme numbers of highlighters and tags. This is not a joke, people, the reading for humanities is real.

here's some advice...don't kid yourself into believing that you will ever be on top of the readings. It's kind of an unrealistic dream.

But, having said that, next semester - after a six week holiday, I know, let the jealousy level rise - I will be more organised and more on top of my life, I will get more highlighters (there are many many fallen soldiers) and more tags (leading hopefully to more organisation). This is my pledge to myself and my degree.

Something that I heard about people doing and never thought I would be doing is changing minds and changing courses. Yet, I have done this...twice. But it's all good because this is (I hear) the purpose of first year - figuring out what you like, and what you never ever want to take again. I have sorted this out for myself and now I'm all set. Bring on next semester, after six weeks of course ;)

The thing I have to mention about my life and how it's changed is the people in my life, the friends I have made since being at university. These people are, in some ways, a foreign concept to me. I am getting used to having my disability not being such an issue for people. I have friends who are very willing to do whatever needs to be done.

I think I have found my forever-friends and I'm really excited about all the memories that we're bound to make. You guys will, no doubt, hear about some of these.


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