Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

It is the festive season!

Amazing things have happened this christmas. The way we celebrate christmas may be a little different to other people. We do presents in the morning - that's pretty much what everybody does - and then we organise the house for the afternoon because we celebrate christmas with the Terry family (the other family who founded The Chaeli Campaign) and they arrive at two-ish. Then we start the celebrations.

I think it's much better celebrating with the people you want to celebrate with. This way, everyone has an epic, awesome time. We have christmas lunch. The only thing is our lunch happens a little later than the general population. We have lunch at seven o'clock at night. It's very chilled. It's amazing!

But, being the people we are...we don't really do things slowly and we don't really do the whole relaxation-for-an-extended-period-of-time thing. So, true to this trait, a week before christmas we had the National Dancing Championships in Bloemfontein. We had to drive there because it's just way too expensive to fly a week before christmas (especially to Bloem as there are only two airlines that fly there). This is always interesting when travelling with four wheelchair users. Fun times. I honestly could have died of lack of surroundings.

The only thing I saw for twelve hours of my life were sheep and prickly pears. Do you have any idea how mind numbingly boring that is? I'm pretty sure I lost brain cells due to no activity...

Anyway, I digress. We only got to do our christmas presents on the Thursday before christmas. We decided that it was an awesome thing that I'm in a wheelchair because we get special parking - it's especially helpful during holiday seasons.

I think it's important to use what you have. I don't feel pity for myself and neither should anybody else. It's christmas and I believe christmas is about being with each other and creating amazing memories together.

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