Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nationals, here we come!

Tomorrow morning is going to begin very very early - 5am early. So excited! Can you see the sarcasm in my face?

We are going to Bloemfontein for our dancing national championships. It's going to be awesome...once we get there.

The team is going to be arriving on mass in 2 Kombi's, so we have to drive there. It means we have 12 hours in a car with 6 other people, which is fine for about a quarter of the journey. Then you start to get tired of one another and bored of the company. The worst thing somebody can ever do to fellow travellers is to open a packet of cheese flavoured Nik-Naks in the car! Trust me, I know what that is like. It's horrific. There is no way to get away from the smell of old socks on dirty feet!

That will not be happening in our car - I have put my metaphorical foot down!

The other thing is that when you travel to Bloemfontein by car, there is not the greatest scenery. In fact, there's very little scenery to speak of at all. The majority of the time you're driving on the same road that has NO life around it for kilometres at a time.

I guess we'll just have to keep ourselves occupied by doing funny things inside the Kombi and not rely on outside to keep our brains functioning.

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