Monday, November 12, 2012

Am I Crazy? I think so.

I am doing the Argus in 2013. I know what you're probably thinking....

Are you crazy?

I'm pretty sure that I am. But, I have a crazy buddy, Grant, doing it with me. I love not being the only semi-deranged person in the room. Love you, Grant! Now, you have to understand what a good person he is if he is willing to put up with me for seven to eight hours on the road where we can either be dying from heat, drowning from rain, being blown away by the Cape Town wind OR... could be really chilled and I'm overthinking this.

Let's explain a little more about how the whole situation is going to work because I can imagine the eyes that you are pulling at me right now.

So, Grant is going to be on his bike (still having the mountain bike or road bike debate) and I will be behind the bike in a "buggy". This is not the official name we are going to use but it's under development. We WILL be doing training so that we don't end up falling off the bike and using our faces as landing pads. But Grant is a pro-cyclist so that's definately half the battle won. Then we just have to work on my balance and my core muscles...quite the job but we're up for it!

The things we are working on right now are finding some sponsors as well as sorting out the buggy. The buggy is kind of an integral part of our plan. We will make it work and it will be EPIC!!

You will get updates as soon as things happen so that you can be completely involved in the entire amazing journey that Grant and I are about to embark on.



  1. Chaelz, I am so stoked to be your partner in crime :D This is gonna be an awesome adventure!

    It's always good to be a little crazy :P

  2. Chaelz, you never cease to amaze me! Since Carmz and I cannot do the Argus (and have no intentions to; me at least), how about we support you and galant Grant by providing you with some funding!

  3. How about you and Carmie joining us in CT as part of the supporters club on Ladies Mile bridge? We'll need kindred spirits to cheer our Chaeli Riders on ... Go Gallant Grant and Chaelz!

  4. Viva the Buggy brigade! Love it, Chaelz!