Sunday, November 20, 2011

The antics continue...

I know I said I would tell you guys more about my wheelchair saga, so here goes.

We got to Schipol airport, eventually got my wheelchair - we had to walk through basically the whole airport to get to where our luggage was but more importantly, where my wheelchair was. As you know, we were having a bit of battery power struggles. My wheelchair had a single very persistent bar of power (as oppose to the normally very happy 10 green bars).

When we arrived at our hotel, and tried to charge my chair, we quickly realised that our plugs and the plugs we brought were not going to work. Our universal travel adapter wasn't very universal. Still, we weren't really stressing because we figured we could just buy one anywhere. Oh, how wrong one can be.

In the whole of Amsterdam there was not a single South Africa to Europe plug. But, we had Ellen and Sjierly, from KidsRights running around trying to find a solution. They're very resourceful, and even they could not find a plug.

Keep in mind the persistent flashing red light.

I told the people around me that I was going to keep my wheelchair going by willpower. Willpower kept it going for nearly two whole days. Amazing!

Eventually we had to take the entire charger to an electrical shop place and change the plug from a South African plug to a Dutch plug. Interesting times.

After we changed it, we found restaurants that had a place where we could plug in and charge my wheelchair. The people looked at us funny when they heard our request. But generally people look at us funny anyway, so it was nothing new.

Everything went relatively normally after our little wheelchair drama, but what's life without drama?


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