Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy holidays!

This is probably my most random post I've ever written, but hey, it's holiday time...

Christmas is over. Sad to think that all this hype happens and then in one day, people are over it. But, Christmas has been epic this year.  As I have told you, last year this time, we spend Christmas with the Terry family and it's always amazing.

I love the holiday season because it shows people to be kind and loving and giving. Even though you do get the odd miserable soul who is irritated that there is no parking available or there are only three tellers to check out your items, slowing down the entire process. These are things that everybody knows are going to happen in the holiday season. We need to be aware of these things and...rise above. Take deep breaths and just go with the flow. Going into it with this mindset will make it a lot more enjoyable. I, for one, enjoy the chaos of the holidays. It's entertaining that people can get so worked up about small incidents. Chill out, people, let the good times roll!
This time of the year is about being together. It doesn't matter how you celebrate or who you choose to be with, Just make sure you're having fun and trying hard to avoid the rest-of-year drama.
We had an amazing time...just chilling with great people, swimming and so much more. I'm so grateful that it's not snowing. I couldn't deal with that. Snow and wheelchairs are not friends.

I hope everybody had as good a time as we did. I hope you partied it up. I'm actually just realising that this whole post would've been impossible if the world had ended the other day. So, I'm superstoked that didn't happen. Woopwoop, world!

Here's my Chaeli Conquers Cycle Tour update:
- The buggy has been named...Beastie the Buggy.
- Beastie now has a roll bar, which means that we can start training soon. As soon as we sort out Grant's bike with gears and other things that I currently do not understand...and we've figured out how to attach Beastie to the bike.
- I have gotten over my obsessive-compulsive tendencies with regard to the colour scheme of the bike and the buggy. Well, not really, but the red to blue ratio on the buggy is more equal now, so I can deal.

Courtesy of Justine, my bestie...Merry christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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