Saturday, December 29, 2012

Matriculant...that's me!

Yesterday was quite an odd day. One of those where you're just kind of waiting for time to pass because something epic is happening later on.

My matric results were released last night at midnight. So, in true Mycroft style, we had a braai. We only ate at like 11:30 (also, not abnormal at our braai's). I had all the special people in my life around me. It was so much fun.

At this point, I realised what the time was. I started parrying a can be expected. A while ago, I registered to get my results via sms. That was quite a process, I won't lie. It was at that point when it became real that school was over.

I had my eye firmly on the clock, waiting for midnight to strike. I forgot to keep my phone on my person....rookie error. At 11:45 I realised this and asked Justine to get it for me. She looked at my phone and got overboard excited and shouted "Chaeli, you got your marks!"

I really would have liked to have some more warning, but I guess it's like a bandaid...just do it quickly. Except this one had a more pleasant outcome.

Here it is:
4 B's - Maths lit; LO; English & Business studies
2 C's - Life Science & History
1 D - Afrikaans (really would have preferred this to be better, but you know what, it's not the biggest deal)

So, I have enough points to do what I want to do next year and forever after that. It's weird to think that my key to everything is in a tiny A5 envelope. That one piece of paper has so much power.

Today we all had to go fetch our legit official statements of results. It was amazing being able to celebrate our successes with one another. So good.

This is James and Jess...what can I say about these incredible people? These two have indulged in super, crazy intense conversations with me where we debated the purpose of history and the need for appraisals, looking confused when teachers have analogies that are really hard to follow, getting sent out of class for being disruptive by laughing hysterically when attempting to remove a jacket from my severely stubborn body, keeping life very interesting and entertaining. They've kept me sane when our work was kind of burrying us and actually the majority of the time was spent embracing our own insanity.

It's always good to have people like this in your life. Go and find some!


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