Saturday, December 15, 2012

We have it

The buggy has arrived!

It was sent to us from Johannesburg by courier in a huge box. We got excited when Kevin emailed us a photo of the buggy starting its journey to the Mother City. Thank you to Rene and Alistair from Freight Solutions for sponsoring the courier to Cape Town!

there it the back
This happened on a Friday evening. So, we had an agonising wait over the weekend and weren't sure when the buggy was going to arrive.

We are also now in the middle of our 'Socks 'n' Pops' Campaign at Steenberg Village Pick 'n' Pay and on Monday when I was selling RedSocks and Peace Pops I was sent this picture from Chaeli Cottage...

Grant and I opened the buggy box the next day. It was EPIC! After putting the buggy together and figuring out where all the cushions are meant to be - this in itself was a smidgen of a mission...there are a lot of cushions - we immediately organised my body into the buggy and this was the result:

This was much more exciting because now we can actually start doing stuff with the buggy and adapting it so that it is more comfortable for me. We need to change the height of the bar at the back because my head is currently higher than the bar which kind of defeats the purpose of its presence on the buggy. We also need to add another couple of cushions because my legs are a bit long for the seat now. More cushions... but at least we will know exactly where these ones are meant to go ;)

On Thursday, Grant and Gary had organised to sort out the plan for the metal work on the buggy, so I had to be there to sit in it for them to measure the height and stuff (tiring work that, sitting in the buggy. haha). It was actually pretty hysterical because I was in the buggy, with a helmet on, as well as the purple glasses that Grant has. I felt very random being the only person there wearing these things. Then Grant put his helmet on too and I felt a little less random because we were random together :)

Gary was taking photos the whole time. Thanks, Gary!

Here's one of the two of us. Notice the semi-helmet-hair...

This will surely be MUCH worse when we actually do some cycling! haha

We have to wait a while before that happens because, firstly, we haven't exactly mastered how to attach the buggy to the bicycle (crucial aspect!) and we need to have the bar on the buggy sorted out (also crucial, but less...) which can only happen when the factory re-opens.

In the meantime, we are working on bracelets - like the rhino bracelets - to raise awareness around our cycle, but more importantly, the work of The Chaeli Campaign and the abilities of differently-abled people. They are gonna be pretty fricken awesome, so if you want one, let us know, every way possible.

There are a lot of things on the go and we are so ampd that these things are happening. We look forward to sharing more of them with you.


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