Saturday, December 1, 2012

Getting going...

We left for Johannesburg on Friday morning because I was invited to speak to the Department of Basic Education about inclusive education and my experiences in an inclusive environment. Hilton Langenhoven, Dyan Buis and Tebogo Mokgalagadi were there too to add their experiences to the pshyche of the ministers. Some young people from various special needs schools were there to listen to our life stories. It was really cool to meet all those people and share stories.

After an awesome meeting with these people, we had tickets to see Lady Gaga! Traffic to get there was expectedly horrific with very few people knowing what was going on. There was a man walking to the stadium and he was walking faster than we were driving in the car! The show was unbelievable and there are actually no words to adequately describe that experience.

                       WHAT AN AWESOME REDSOCKFRIDAY!!!!!

Today was quite chilled. I was doing some research around finding a buggy for the Argus and came across Team Garwood. I had read about them before this and thought that they have an amazing story. With deciding to do the Argus their story has gained a lot more intrigue for us.

I saw one of the buggies they had used previously and it looked perfect for Grant and my mission. I emailed them to find out some info on where they had got the buggy and stuff like that. I was prepared to wait a while for a response. This was not the case...

I got a reply within hours and it was Kevin (dad of Team Garwood) saying that they are super keen to help out - this is not exactly the words he used but you catch my drift. Kevin also said that we should come and visit them whenever we can and being in Joburg for Disability Day Celebrations we figured now would be a good time to go and see them.

We went to visit them and we had a fat chat, before they showed us the buggy. The Garwood's are amazing people who have enough gees for the whole nation! I'm so privileged to have had the opportunity to meet them.

I got to sit in the buggy and it was amazingly comfortable. I was slightly more impressed by the fact that I fitted into the buggy. It has a very simple design but it's very snazzy. The Garwood's told us that we can buy the buggy from them.

Now, we will be looking for sponsors to go towards the buggy. For anybody who gives us an amazing sponsorship towards the buggy, we will put your name or company logo somewhere on the buggy and we will be forever appreciative to you for helping us reach our goals and inspire many people to follow their dreams and not let anybody place limitations on your abilities.

We are SO excited about this and are even more excited to get the buggy down to Cape Town and start the epic training!

Here, the journey and the fun begins.


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