Friday, January 25, 2013

A whole lot of firsts

This was an amazing week. So many new things happening it's kind of hard to keep track, but I'm gonna try remember so that you guys are fully aware of the level of chaos going down in my life.

So, pretty much the most exciting yet simultaneously mind-numbing thing of the week has been university orientation. It's really cool because everything is a new experience and you meet amazingly different, new people. It's also not so much fun when you sit in a one-and-a-half-hour lecture on 'curriculum construction' entirely confused. Silver lining...hysterical conversation with prior strangers about very random epiphanies. I guess that's a crucial lesson of university life survival.

While we're still on the topic of university. I have to say. Setting up a timetable/curriculum for a Social Science degree is NOT simple, people. Not even a little bit. I was working on it today, and it took me like two hours to organise my first year subjects - you have to do your entire degree plan, so that you know that you're actually going to graduate in three years time. It's all very complicated. I'm doing it in sessions. Because my brain might disintegrate if I attempt it all at once.

The other exciting things that have happened this week have been Conqueror related. Smiley face.

Monday saw our first photoshoot. We have been asked to be featured in the Cape Argus Pick 'n' Pay Cycle Tour Magazine and they needed an epic photo to go with it. It was a really awesome experience. I got really excited when we found out that Andy Lund was the photographer because he had worked with the five founders of The Chaeli Campaign previously. It was a little reunion vibe - so good. Funny story...sort of...Grant was putting me in the buggy and did all the seatbelts (there are a few) and tightening them so that they were snug. And then, the seatbelt bit me. It bit me, and now I'm bruised. Grant felt really bad but I was kinda excited...My first 'battle wound'! The first of many...

Another awesome thing that we are getting into is talking to companies and schools to spread the conqueror message far and wide. So, on Thursday, we did our first 'Conquerors Talk' with ET Systems staff members. It was very exciting and different for me. I'm used to doing talks with my mom and speaking with Grant has a different vibe. Something to get used to, I guess. I'm super excited that our speaking aspect of 'Chaeli Conquers Cycle Tour 2013' is starting to grow wings. It will hopefully have a lot of impact with many people having their perceptions challenged by what we are doing.

Here's a random piece of information: I am extending my vocabulary. I have learned many many many new cycling and bicycle related words. I feel much more at ease when I can nod in agreement with authority and not just pretending to understand what's going on. Props to Grant for his patience in helping me with this vocab development!

Everything is happening at once and I kinda like it. I like the drama and hysteria that goes with being a conqueror. Hopefully many more people will enjoy it as much as I do.


  1. I have been wondering how O week was going,so much to take in at one time.I know the curriculum advisors are really good and very patient and will spend a long tome helping you to structure your course.The one positive is that most people around you are in the same boat.Great to see the pictures of you and Grant.

  2. Awesome Stuff Chaeli;) I'll definatly be there to Support you and Grant on the Next Argus!