Sunday, January 27, 2013

Crazy days, crazy people

Today is a smidgen busier than the usual Sunday. I think my life is a lot busier, in general, than it used to be. I'm definitely not moaning - I like the chaos, it means that there's stuff happening and that's really exciting!

It's Sunday today, which means there's dancing practice - so excited that Damian has recovered from his back injury and is ready to put his dancing shoes back on. It's going to be interesting getting back into the swing of things after such a long break, going to rediscover muscles in my body that have forgotten they exist. It will be tough but this is going to be our year.

Today, before practice, we are planning on getting some more modern music together so that we can dance to our own music. We'll see how successful this is, as we tend to get a little bit sidetracked with random stories. What can I say?

The thing that I'm really stoked about today is Moonlight Mass. We, myself and Grant, have decided that this would be an amazing thing to do - just for gees, but also to raise awareness around 'Chaeli Conquers Cycle Tour 2013'. We have also gently coerced some of our people to join the Moonlight Mass Movement. Yay us!

Before we do this, since I haven't actually been in the buggy while it's in motion, we figured it would probably be good thinking to feel how that feels before we have to do it with other people around. So, a tiny training ride will happen today - pictures/videos will be posted so keep your eyes open for that.

That's all the exciting news.

The not-so-exciting news is that I'm having knee surgery tomorrow. Fun times. Remember, a while ago, I told you all that I have misbehaving kneecaps that refuse to live where they are meant to? We did the one knee to test it out, and now it's time for the second one. I'm not really stressing about it, it's just coming at a time when there's a lot happening...I'm moving into res and starting university and then also the Cycle Tour is in 41 days - Grant seems to be superchilled about this piece of information, so I'm attempting to reach his level of chilledness, not sure it's working out.

I'm just going to tell my body to deal, because I have stuff to do.


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  1. Good luck with the knee surgery.Looking forward to hearing and seeing pics of your first training ride.Enjoy your dancingXXX