Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Epic day

Okay, so, it's a really exciting day to be a conqueror!

It's been quite slow and quiet with our 'Chaeli Conquers Cycle Tour 2013' initiative because we have been waiting for various things to happen before we can properly attack this challenge that we have embarked on. Things like gears and stuff for Grant's bike to make it easier to ride with me and foam for Beastie so that it's comfortable for me to sit in for an extended period of time - seeing that the Cycle Tour is going to be a 6-7 hour feat, these things are crucial!

They are happening now.

We have also, with a little help, figured out how Beastie fits onto Grant's bike. Can I get a woopwoop? So, Grant has tested it out with a different bike just to get the feel for it...minus me.

Now, we are starting to make some more noise!

We are sending our story out to everybody we can think of, tweeting and facebooking like cray people, and just having general Conqueror gees! It's working, because other people are getting excited about us too...and this is the whole mission...getting people excited about life!

Today is a good day because we have just been given a sponsorship of R50 000 from ET Systems! This is an amazing gift to so many differently abled young South Africans who will be given the opportunity to take control of their world. We cannot express the gratitude and happiness that these young people will be feeling when they receive their devices that will change their lives.

So, we want to say to Gary Vink and everybody at ET Systems a HUUUGE thank you for believing in our initiative and joining our mission to grow Conquerors!

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